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Cylinder Head Don't invest thousands of dollars in a new car!
Have your engine & Cylinder Head repaired.
Enjoy your car for a few more years.
We are professionals in the Engine/Cylinder Head field.
We are located in the heart of downtown Orlando,Florida.

Contact Information:

A. J. C. Engine Shop
103 S. Glenn Lane
Orlando, Fl 32805

(407) 835-1898

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All our cylinder head work will include the following type of work:

- Hot Tank-Pressure Wash
- Magnafluxing-Water-air Pressure test
- Diamond Finish Resurface
- 30, 45, 60 Degree Angle Valve Job Grind
- Fly Wheel Grinding
- Final Assembly
- Free Pick up & Delivery

                   "Domestic cylinder heads"

Regular four cylinder head (8 valve)            $85.00
Regular four cylinder head (12 valve)           $115.00
Regular In line 6 cylinder head                 $125.00              
Regular V-6  cylinder heads                     $135.00 
Regular V-8  cylinder heads	   	        $150.00

                   "Import cylinder heads"

B.M.W. 4 & 6 cylinders                          $195.00---$245.00   
Honda  (regular 8 valve cyl. head)              $85.00       
Honda with the Auxiliary valves	              	$125.00
Mazda single & Twin cam                         $255.00---$315.00
Mitsubishi 2.0 & 2.6                            $145.00
Nissan 200SX                                    $125.00
Nissan 300ZX single & Twin cam                  $265.00---$335.00
Toyota 8 valves (22RE)                          $135.00      
Toyota 12 valves adjusted                       $150.00
Toyota Supra 5ME SOHC 12 valve                  $140.00        
Toyota Supra 5MGE-7MGE DOHC 16 valve            $195.00    
Volkswagen rabbit                               $140.00

For all others not listed PLEASE call for prices.


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